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The difference between love and lust is a bag of stale chips.

You see lust is hungry. Lust is ambitious.

Lust is exciting. Lust is unpredictable.

Do not mistake this excitement for love.

You see, when you’re hungry, stale chips are deceiving.

When you’re ambitious, you’ll devour the bag.

They told me love is patient

Love is kind

Love will make you satisfied, even when you're insatiable.

Love is knowing stale chips will always only satisfy at the moment,

And then leave you wondering why most of the bag was empty.

Stale chips are not love.

Even if it were the last bag in the vending machine.

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I want you to look up at the moon.

Look at the stars and know they were once her scars.

I want you to look up at the moon.

See the same potential you see for the galaxy.

Because when the moon is barely noticed, it’s considered new.

When it’s whole, it’s full.

I want you to look up at the moon.

Because I’ll be looking at it, too.

Feeling new when I feel there’s nothing left

and full when you feel whole.

I want you to look up at the moon.

And notice there are thousands of people just like you.

But in this moment, know there are only two

Just us. Under one moon.

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What they don’t tell you about healing…

It hurts.

You feel its weight on your chest,

Like it’s pieced together with tape.

It’s fragility on your heart,

As if to be dangled on a puppet string

It’s emptiness in your belly.

As your rib cage claws at nothingness.

Hugging yourself to keep everything intact.

Water wells behind your eyes by small triggers.

To heal is to become healthy again.

It is not the glamorized version we see in magazines.

The candles.

The meditative pillow on the floor.

The bubble baths and incense.

Face masks and champagne.

It’s resistance.

Break downs.

It’s making peace with the unhealthy parts of yourself.

Only to start from scratch again.



Best friends


To the ones who allow you to be at your peaks and your pits.

The ones that take the knives out of your back and heal your wounds


To the ones that laugh with you uncontrollably when all you can think to do is cry

And they are there for that, too.

To wipe your tears when you need a shoulder

Or give you that push when you need a hand.

The ones that make silly faces in the camera beside you,

But never AT you.

Because within those four sides of the frame lies the snapshot of a thousand memories.

We say cheers to you, best friend.

Because without the ones like you, we’d lose a sense of home.



She is the ocean.

You see, the ocean does not apologize.

For being rough or calm.

She crashes into herself and teases the sand.

She does not apologize for how she looks.

As the sun rises and falls day in and day out

She knows it is her that makes him glitter.

Those who dare to enjoy her company just want to feel alive.

Because, you see, the life living inside of her is more than anyone can offer.

The ocean does not apologize for being completely her.



Falling In Love

Falling in love is basking under the sun with your arms spread out wide

Floating under the stars only to realize your feet are on the ground

Smiling at flowers that have not bloomed knowing they’re on the verge of greatness

Solo dancing to love songs because you feel their presence around you

Falling in love is one of the greatest paradoxes of our time

Cause it is not falling in love when you finally feel as though you have risen.



Missing Something Great

I’m missing something great.

Because we don’t miss things that are small.

We miss the things that made us feel large in a small world.

And oftentimes we don’t realize it.

Oftentimes we don’t know what it is.

We try to fill a void.

Travel the world.

Look for something bigger so we can feel less than.

Cause feeling less than means were a part of something bigger than us.

But it’s the little things that made us feel on top of the world.