Nourished Is Pretty | a poem about body positivity

body positivity

I shall wear my shorts high-waisted

to hide my belly and call it fashion.

I shall have my friends twist and turn

while taking a picture of me.

Make my legs look longer.

Pose my arm a certain way so it is not to look squeezed.

Put my hand in the right places.

Cover the folds of skin that say we’re nourished…

Because nourished is not pretty enough.

I shall have my crop top cover the red line on my stomach when I sit too long,

yet showing just enough skin to be sexy.

I shall sit certain ways in public so I am not hunched over,

but making sure the arch in my back makes my butt look bigger.

And we do this so maybe they will like us.

From people we have just met.

From people we never talked to and don’t plan to.

Stamps of approval mean so much to be liked,

But you never need one when you focus on how much you are loved.



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